CFIHOS Standards

November 2021 – Major release: Version 1.5

Significant upgrade to all parts of the standard, including:

• Integration of the IOGP JIP procurement specification supporting JIP33 content & information requirements.
• Clearer requirements for tags and equipment information incorporated into the Data Library and Data Model
• Clear definition of information requirements to enable Purchasers and Vendors to agree on information for exchange
• Improved and more flexible mapping between the data model and other international standards

For more information please read  V.1.5 Release Notes

All documents are available to download and use FREE of charge.

CFIHOS Standard Documents

Narrative Documents   

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Scope and Procedures  (C-TP-001) (V.1.5)

CFIHOS Scope and Procedures
Specification Document (C-SP-001) (V.1.5) CFIHOS Specification Document
Implementation Guide for Principal (C-GD-001) (V.1.5) CFIHOS Implementation Guide for Principal
Implementation Guide for Contractor (C-GD-002)  (V.1.5) CFIHOS Implementation Guide for Contractor
Reference Data Library 
Reference Data Library  (C-ST-001)  - Excel version Reference Data Library (Excel version)
Reference Data Library (C-ST-001)  - CSV zip file
RDL Development Guide

Reference Data Library (csv zip file)

RDL Development Guide

Data Model 
Using the Data Model (C-DM-001) Using the Data Model
Data Dictionary (C-DM-002) - Full version (V.1.5) Data dictionary (full version)
Data Dictionary (C-DM-002) - Light version (V.1.5) Data dictionary (light version)
 Supporting Templates
v.1.5 CFIHOS Contract Scenario Templates

 CFIHOS Contract Scenario Templates