CFIHOS Standards

Here are the Specifications, Guidelines, Reference Data Library, Data Model and supporting templates that comprise CFIHOS standard v1.4 – first published in October 2019.

They are available to download and use FREE of charge by anyone.

CFIHOS Standard Documents

(all V1.4 first published in October 2019)

Narrative Documents   

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Scope and Procedures  (C-TP-001) Scope and Procedure (C-TP-001)
Specification Document (C-SP-001) Specification Document (C-SP-001)
Implementation Guide for Principal (C-GD-001) CFIHOS Implementation Guide for Principal (C-GD-001)
Implementation Guide for Contractor (C-GD-002) Implementation Guide for Contractor (C-GD-002)

Reference Data Library 

Reference Data Library  (C-ST-001)  – Excel version Reference Data Library (C-ST-001)
Reference Data Library (C-ST-001)  – CSV zip file Reference Data Library (C-ST-001) csv zip files

Data Model 

Using the Data Model (C-DM-001)  – Powerpoint version Using the Data Model (C-DM-001)
Data Dictionary (C-DM-002) – Full version Data dictionary (C-DM-002) – full version
Data Dictionary (C-DM-002) – Light version Data dictionary (C-DM-002) light version

 Supporting Templates

Contract Scenario Templates   CFIHOS Contract Scenario Templates