CFIHOS Standards

April 2023 – Minor release: Version 1.5.1

The updates via this release are content upgrades to the standard; no changes to the structure.

The updates cover:

  • Mandated use of the ISO 8601 date format.
  • Suppressed the light version of the data dictionary.
  • Improved visibility of the relationships between entity and entity attributes
  • Standardised casing throughout the RDL.
  • Amended equipment and tag class hierarchies.
  • Expanded tag class and equipment class properties.
  • Added class and properties to support use within the nuclear sector.
  • Provided general formatting and content enhancements to the narrative documents.
  • Updated tag equipment class relationships to improve their accuracy.
  • Updated the property picklist values to align with IOGP Report 544 Standardization of barrier definitions – Supplement to Report 415.
  • General Bug fixes.
  • New bilingual version of the narrative documents with a Chinese translation provided

For more information please read the amended V.1.5.1 Release Notes

All documents are available to download and use FREE of charge.

Narrative DocumentsDownload Link
Scope and Procedures (C-TP-001) (V.1.5.1)CFIHOS Scope and Procedures
Specification Document (C-SP-001) (V.1.5.1)CFIHOS Specification Document
Implementation Guide for Principal (C-GD-001) (V.1.5.1)CFIHOS Implementation Guide for Principal
Implementation Guide for Contractor (C-GD-002) (V.1.5.1)CFIHOS Implementation Guide for Contractor
Bilingual VersionsDownload Link
English-Chinese Bilingual CFIHOS Narrative Documents (V1.5.1)English-Chinese Bilingual Narrative Documents
Reference Data LibraryDownload Link
Reference Data Library (C-ST-001) (V1.5.1) – Excel versionReference Data Library (Excel version)
Reference Data Library (C-ST-001) (V1.5.1) – CSV version Reference Data Library (csv version)
CFIHOS RDL Development Guide (V07)CFIHOS RDL Development Guide
Data ModelDownload Link
Using the Data Model (C-DM-001) (V1.5.1)Using the Data Model
Data Dictionary (C-DM-002) – (V1.5.1)Data dictionary V1.5.1
Data Model HTML viewer - V1.5.1View Data Model viewer
Supporting TemplatesDownload Link
CFIHOS Contract Scenario Templates (V1.5.1) CFIHOS Contract Scenario Templates
Previous VersionsDownload Link
V1.5Version 1.5
V1.4.1Version 1.4.1
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