More about CFIHOS

More about CFIHOS

CFIHOS has its roots in an oil & gas information standard. In 2012 Shell approached process industry organization USPI to turn its Engineering Information Specification (EIS) into an industry standard and later to a standard for the process industries supply chain.

Building CFIHOS has been a collaborative process, with input from members and stakeholders from the information and data supply chain. USPI also created Memoranda of Understanding with industry bodies wishing to align to the CFIHOS standard.

In January 2020 the governance of CFIHOS transferred from USPI to IOGP – becoming Joint Industry Project(JIP) 36 – to assure further development of the CFIHOS project and its growing number of supporting members .

A collaboration agreement is being drafted between USPI and IOGP to ensure CFIHOS continues to benefit from USPI’s knowledge.

We have nearly 80 member organizations with over 350 individuals who are actively contributing to shaping the future of CFIHOS.

They include some of the world’s largest operators, not just in Oil & Gas but in other process industries – as well as engineering contractors, software providers, equipment suppliers and academic institutions.

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