How It Works

Technical specification

Requirements, rules and principles for information handover.

Data model

For structuring data and documents about assets.

Implementation advice and guidance

Outlining implementation steps (and do’s and don’ts).

Dictionary (Reference Data Library)

Consistent naming of equipment, properties and documents.

Implementation software requirements

Outlining functional system requirements for handover.

CFIHOS has five key elements 

It supports a more “data-centric” approach to handover by identifying what data is required and how it should be:

  • structured
  • described (Reference Data Library- RDL)
  • transferred and 
  • implemented

Users follow a series of steps:

  • Specify information
  • Define IM specification for project and embed it in contracts  
  • Manage Information Review, set up IM team, define review process 
  • Set up information handover systems – loading, validation, staging
  • Map to target systems and transfer information
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