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Version 1.5.1 A Minor Release with Major Content

The latest update to the CFIHOS standard delivers impactful improvements, content, streamlining and bug fixes. Key enhancements include: Enhanced entity and attributes relationships, improved hierarchy and attribute content. A streamlined Data Dictionary for faster navigation and reference. Additional content to support nuclear sector implementations. Standardised casing for a clean, consistent style across all content. Improved

“CFIHOS on a page” – our new infographic

We’ve created a new infographic showing how CFIHOS works and explaining the benefits of using a “common language” for information handover when opening, maintaining or decommissioning capital facilities.

Another milestone for CFIHOS as membership grows to 60+

Two new members joining in May 2021 means that CFIHOS’ membership has now grown to 61, with 14 organisations signing up since May 2020.

CFIHOS wins prestigious international award

CFIHOS has been awarded a 2021 Excellence Award by DAMA (the Data Management Association).

CFIHOS’ first point release since Version 1.4 now live.

Our first point release – CFIHOS version 1.4.1 is now live.

CFIHOS – an introduction

At its simplest CFIHOS is about “helping computers talk to other computers” so information handover on capital projects doesn’t have to be complex, costly, time-consuming and plain frustrating.

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