“CFIHOS on a page” – our new infographic

We’ve created a new infographic showing how CFIHOS works and explaining the benefits of using a “common language” for information handover when opening, maintaining or decommissioning capital facilities.

An infographic that explains the benefits of using the CFIHOS specification.

It’s ideal for sharing with people at the start of their CFIHOS journey, who want to find out more.

Download the Infographic here.


CFIHOS’ aim is to offer practical standardised specifications for information handover that work for: anyone involved in making, operating, maintaining or decommissioning industrial facilities and for everyone across the information supply chain – operators, contractors and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

All CFIHOS Standard documents and more detailed release notes for version 1.4.1 can be downloaded from the Standards page on the CFIHOS website.

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