Version 1.5.1 A Minor Release with Major Content

The latest update to the CFIHOS standard delivers impactful improvements, content, streamlining and bug fixes.

Key enhancements include:

  • Enhanced entity and attributes relationships, improved hierarchy and attribute content.
  • A streamlined Data Dictionary for faster navigation and reference.
  • Additional content to support nuclear sector implementations.
  • Standardised casing for a clean, consistent style across all content.
  • Improved interoperability through mandated ISO 8601 date formatting.

Additionally we are delighted to announce the new bilingual version of the narrative documents with a Chinese translation provided and checked by our native Chinese speaking membership, further extending CFIHOS’ global usability.

All CFIHOS Standard documents and more detailed release notes for version 1.5.1 can be downloaded from the Standards page on the CFIHOS website.


CFIHOS aims to offer practical standardised specifications for information handover that work for: anyone involved in making, operating, maintaining or decommissioning industrial facilities and for everyone in the information supply chain – operators, contractors and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

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